What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy is a natural healthcare system that encourages the body’s own healing through the promotion of a healthy diet and lifestyle.  When the body is malnourished either through poor diet or the wrong environment for the body to absorb nutrients, then our cells can no longer perform the functions needed to maintain health and well being, thus causing an imbalance in our metabolic pathways and symptoms occur.

Nutritional balance is giving the body the best possible intake of nutrients to allow it to be healthy and function to its optimum level.

Why Visit A Nutritional Therapist?

Obesity is reaching an epidemic proportion now; diabetes and heart disease are spiralling out of control. Yet few peoples face the simple facts that we are what we eat.

Stressful daytime lifestyles see us reaching for endless coffees, sugar-filled snacks and fast food. Only to be followed by unwinding at night, with a bottle of wine and fast foods

Too many convenience foods laden with saturated fats, salt, refined sugars and alcohol could be labelled as the culprits for ruining our health. But just a few simple diet and lifestyle changes could easily mean a whole new you!! Simple nutritional therapy will not only help us to win the battle of the tummy bulge, it could also help combat a range of chronic conditions.

Nutritional therapy uses food and diet to facilitate our body's own healing ability to maintain good health.

As a practitioner I look for nutritional deficiencies, allergies or intolerances to food, or for factors that can cause poor digestion or absorption in the stomach or intestine. Treatment involves dietary change and may include the use of nutritional supplements, such as vitamins and minerals.

Nutritional therapy may facilitate change in the following health conditions...

Weight Problems  Mental health - anxiety depression
Lack of energy Migrane
Digestive & Bowel disorders     Arthitis
Parasites & fungal infections    Osteoporosis
Food allergy Stress
Food Intolerance Chronic fatigue
High Blood pressure Chronic degenerative disease
Skin disorders Sinus congestion
PMS Menopausal/hormonal imbalance


And many others...

How is it Achieved?

I will assess your current intake of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, identifying biochemical imbalances including any vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Address any nutrient and dietary imbalances that maybe contributing to any current health issues such as food intolerances & digestive problems, low energy/fatigue, insomnia, hormonal dysfunction, susceptibility to stress.

By supporting many of the body's metabolic pathways, thereby boosting the body's ability to cope with disease, infection and stress more effectively.

Suggest some lifestyle changes – exercise, reducing your exposure to lifestyle toxins & chemicals in the home and environment.

Recommend dietary changes including where appropriate biochemical testing and nutritional supplements.


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