What stops people from making important changes in their lives? Like having the will-power to lose weight and maintain that weight loss without continually going on a diet, or to stop smoking or even to confront their phobias such as flying. Whats causing your anxiety, depression or fears?
Do you have limiting beliefs such as ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I’m not loveable enough’ where did these beliefs come from? Consciously we try to make sense of it but most of these decisions and beliefs were made on the subconscious level. Using Hypnotherapy will help you to make these changes on the subconscious level easily and effortlessly.

I’m a practicing Hypnotherapist and also use a number of other therapeutic techniques such as Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, Regression & Cognitive behavioural therapy.
All these techniques took me on my own Personal journey of discovery and changed my life!! Living proof that it can work for you too!!

Your first session can be the start on a journey of change providing you with the skills/techniques and make you feel that you are in control of your life again.


“After suffering severe panic attacks for 10 years, I cannot believe that following two session with you I have finally got back my life. This may sound like a dramatic statement but it is true.

“After my hypnotherapy and Time Line therapy sessions with Alma I was able to conquer my anxiety, I am now enjoying life, I have cut my medication down and I haven’t experienced anxiety like I had before. I feel anxiety free!!”

Many thanks Alma and I advise anyone experiencing these sorts of problems, to seek advice and guidance from Alma who is experienced, understanding, tentative and great in her therapy sessions!!”

Areas where Hypnotherapy may help you:

Hypnotherapy can be applied to many psychological, emotional and physical disorders. It is used in many ways from pain control to helping people to overcome addictions such as smoking, alcoholism, eating disorders and many other problems such as:

Weight management, Weight problems, Obesity, Nutrition, Health, Lifestyle Changes, Lack of energy, Chronic Fatigue, Digestive discomfort, Anxiety, Depression, Anger management, Panic attacks, Phobias, Food sensitivities – IBS, Relationship issues and lots more……….

Many of these problems can be dealt with in only a few sessions

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Anger management
  • Weight management
  • Self esteem, Confidence
  • To stop smoking
  • Self developement
  • Public speaking
  • Fears, Phobias
  • Bad habits, changing habits
  • Addictions
  • Relaxation
  • Sleeping
  • And many more behavioural changes!

There are many misconceptions about hypnosis which should be dispelled. The technique does not involve the client being put into a deep sleep, they may feel very relaxed but the client cannot be made to do anything without being totally congruent with it. They remain fully aware of their surroundings and situation, and are not vulnerable to every given suggestion made by the therapist. The important thing is that the client wants to change some behaviour or habit and is highly motivated to do so. They have to want the treatment to work and must commit 100%, establishing trust and a good rapport with the therapist first.

How will NLP/Time Line Therapy & Hypnotherapy help you?

Remember those new year resolutions, we are fired up to make changes in our lives and then a few weeks later we slip back into our old way of thinking, our old habits – consciously we want to change but unconsciously something stops us. So what stops us? Often we live our lives on old beliefs and values which we inherited long ago, some enhance us and some hinder us, NLP, Time Line Therapy & Hypnosis helps us to work on the beliefs and negative emotions that stop us from fulfilling our dreams!!
Using Time Line therapy & Hypnosis allows you to release negative emotions such as anger, guilt, fear, sadness, hurt and any limiting beliefs you may have about yourself.


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