Hypnotherapy helps Irritable bowel syndrome sufferers take positive action

Posted by admin on April 12, 2014


Hypnotherapy helps irritable bowel syndrome sufferers take beneficial action

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is an issue that causes gastrointestinal tract pain for countless people. A hypnotic approach is obtainable to the people searching for productive help handling the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Indications of irritable bowel syndrome might be: tummy pains, diarrhoea, constipation, heartburn symptoms, wind, queasiness and bloating. Some individuals with irritable bowel have found it has prompted them to go through melancholy in addition to a few other health issues not really related to the syndrome. Despite the fact that it is a common condition it is still quite definitely a severe affliction for anyone suffering with it daily. Some sufferers only face symptoms at meal times or after particular foods. Many others find their everyday lives totally crippled by the affliction and discover they are often doubled over with pain a good deal on a regular basis. 

To date, the factors that cause irritable bowel haven't been determined. An elevated level of sensitivity of the intestinal tract is something many healthcare professionals believe is the cause of the condition. Tension and panic are just some of the psychological issues considered to make irritable bowel syndrome symptoms worse. Every now and then the symptoms start out being rather moderate but the anxiousness and anticipation of them means they get slowly worse. The worry of the symptoms getting worse can be sufficient to bring on intensive levels of stress in many people. From time to time expectation and fear may actually make the outcome of symptoms inevitable. I.e. Stress and panic brings on the signs and symptoms; we fear that those symptoms may occur and so those pains may occur because of the initial anxiety.

Irritable bowel afflicted individuals might be offered prescription medication for this issue but in the first instance most doctors might recommend a change in diet and lifestyle. 

Hypnotherapy for irritable bowel will help afflicted individuals feel more in command of their symptoms and allow them to achieve a positive and balanced lifestyle change. A hypnotic approach will not be the cure for the ailment but it might be the key to assisting you to decrease your symptoms if not relieving them entirely. For some the stress brought on by the pain is responsible for many of the problems experienced. This means that without this particular factor the symptoms might be lowered massively.

Hypnotherapy works with the unconscious and also the conscious mind. Our psychological well- being impacts on our health and vice versa. A hypnotic approach can assist us be a little more in tune with our mind and be more in command of it. For some sufferers, assistance with these signs and symptoms could radically enhance their everyday lives. If you think you may have irritable bowel or you are worried your symptoms are something more severe you'll want to check with a medical doctor. IBS is classified as a medical condition and a doctor can reassure you that you have nothing more detrimental behind your signs and symptoms.

Alma Griffith a qualified hypnotherapist and nutritional therapist specializing in IBS, said "By looking at the mind/body connection we can often uncover what triggers the symptoms through testing and elimination of certain foods, and at the same time the emotional responses using hypnotherapy helping the client to be in more control of their thoughts and lifestyle.”

Alma Griffith principle of Mindserenity & Nutrihealing is well qualified and has quite a few years of experience of treating irritable bowel syndrome using hypnotherapy.

She has been using hypnosis to treat irritable bowel syndrome in her practice serving the area around Walton-on-the-hill, near Epsom Surrey.

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